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  • What is an ideal business for an individual to run part-time

    View Comments Published Apr 24, 21 PM

    Many people in employment still harbour ideas about running their own business. The idea of a part-time side project that still generates cash is extremely attractive and there are plenty of possible outlets for those with particular skills and talents. There are many different types of home business or part-time business you could consider that [...]

  • 5 Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    View Comments Published Jul 12, 16 PM

    5 Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Underestimating Start-up Costs – Entrepreneurs make this mistake by being overly optimistic about how quickly their business will take off and how little financing it will require to begin operations. Thus, they are advised to follow “the rule of two:” Expect everything to take twice as long as initially planned, [...]

  • Value of Support Service in the Activity of an IT Company

    View Comments Published Jun 29, 15 PM

    At first sight, customer service has secondary meaning for profit in a company. Of course, the central role in profit-making belongs to the production of products or services. But in fact the level of customer service indirectly influences the amount of profit. Let’s look how this algorithm works at the following situation. Imagine that a [...]

  • Give Public Administration Careers a Chance

    View Comments Published Jun 16, 18 PM

    Give Public Administration Careers a Chance The phrase “public administrator” probably conjures in your mind a caricature of a lazy, ineffectual bureaucrat content to push paper across his or her desk from here to kingdom come. “Public administration,” on the other hand, may well bring to mind the worst stereotypes of corrupt or bloated government [...]

  • What Is It Like To Get Acquired?

    View Comments Published May 30, 07 AM

    You’ve made it. You’ve bootstrapped your company, worked day and night, and it has become a success. So much of a success that someone wants to acquire your startup. What is this process like? It’s Like Dating Negotiating for the acquisition of your company is a lot like dating. First, one of your, usually the [...]

  • Auto-enrolment: your questions answered

    View Comments Published May 29, 11 AM

    The common verdict of research into pensions savings in the UK is that people simply are not saving enough. There seems to be an air of unawareness regarding pension entitlements which fuels concerns that many will be left disappointed upon the realisation that their expectations outweigh the reality. While many employers offer company pension schemes, [...]

  • Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Online Data Storage for your Business

    Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Online Data Storage for your Business

    View Comments Published May 28, 11 AM

      Many companies are choosing to store data online which makes file sharing and collaboration amongst staff much easier. It also means that computer information is stored virtually rather than taking up your own hard drive or server space. If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud and using online data storage in place of [...]

  • Company Car: Investment or Excess Baggage

    View Comments Published May 25, 23 PM

      In the United States, a nascent economic recovery has driven a statistically-significant uptick in the number of company-car leases during each of the past two years, so it’s worth taking a moment to consider the pros and cons of a company car. Should you accept a company car if it’s offered, or is it [...]

  • Public Relations: Could It Be Your New Career?

    View Comments Published May 24, 20 PM

    If you’re willing to work hard to get yourself a four-year education, excel in multiple internships, and cultivate long-term contacts in the media and among members of the general public, then a public relations job might be for you. Public relations isn’t for everyone: the hours can be grueling and the industry itself is notoriously [...]

  • 5 Tasks Better Done Online

    5 Tasks Better Done Online

    View Comments Published Apr 21, 23 PM

    As hard to believe as it may be, there are still people out there who are skeptical about using the Internet for certain things. If any of those people are reading this, you know who you are. You’re the ones that don’t fully trust the technology, haven’t fully embraced all the benefits, are resistant to [...]